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Originally Posted by FoxxFireArt View Post
Yeah, I realized that myself after typing it. lol Have C.C. running around for pizza going "My precious.".

That seems like a long wait between the DVDs. The first two volumes are even out. It's nice the picture dramas are on the DVDs. I read you can also have commentaries on them.
What I love about DVDs are that if you want both English or Japanese dialog you can have both. During VHS era you could only choose one.
There was a post on Kit-chans journal where she had the picture of Lelouch holding that pink sword during 23 when he was addressing the troops before the battle. The caption underneath read "Rise men of the west!" and then "FOR GONDOR!". After she noted how it would be pretty disturbing to have Lelouch as Aragon...I couldn't help but agree

The commentaries aren't all that great in my opinion but I like all the extras-the picture drama's are a great addition to the set. I just hope that two volumes will be coming in February that way I can get another special edition.
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