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hmmm about the colors you are a bit right ....they should be a little bit more stronger, the skin the hair of the bright colored characters are pale;

//edit: in the preview and trailers there are monments when these are good, even exceptional, but not always// anyhow perfection does'nt exist!

the artwork differs a bit from the game, mostly around the eyes and hair, but for the untrained eye you can skip these,

(i hope Relentlessflame-senpai doesn't need to edit this post; sorry for the other ones i might got carried away and did not apologize and thanked you properly, so:
Sorry for the trouble caused, and thank you for correcting them.)
/offtopic end

even though these little "fails" i am waiting for it anxiosly (i will have a 2 week vacation around july 15th) so i will look forward for it.
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