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You're that old, eh, to be talking about some good old days.
Yeah, well, I was old enough to catch ZETA on (CRT!!) TV... so...

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While it's true there are many things we young ones take for granted, it doesn't mean hard work wasn't involved. There's plenty blood, sweat, and tears shed in the non-UC timelines, literally. That includes the CE, AD, and AG timelines.
Originally Posted by RX-78GP04G Gerbera
I consider it more bittersweet in a different sense.
Yes, but at least the characters found a small measure of happiness, and I am glad they did. With all the hard work, they deserve it.

Personally, I don't think Aina or Shiro tried that hard to change the perspective of their factions, because I think even they thought it would have been futile. It was already pretty difficult to look past their own differences to reach the understanding that they, as individuals, did...

That being said, there is a small problem I have with recent AUs:

I acknowledge characters work hard to achieve their end, but its often portrayed as being too simplistic. Skills of of AU pilots are incredible, and certainly put UC aces such as the vaunted Amuro and/or Char to shame. I cannot recall an incident where Amuro or Char downed more than half-dozen enemies during a sortie. Certainly, you know they would survive, being necessary to the plot, but grunts sure as heck put an effort to make that endeavor difficult.

Later you have AU aces like Setsuna, Kira, and Kio, who can go out there and pretty much handle an entire battalion by themselves as if they were all playing a variation of Gundam Musou!

And that is despite the fact that mobile suits piloted by their foes aren't exactly on the bottom of the tech tree.

Then come the aftermath of the battle. UC is dead set on being realist. There is never a thing as everlasting peace. AU often simplify the approach and allow the protagonists to have it both ways. The sole exception to this so far I've seen is SEED/DESTINY.

Now, I do love certain AU to pieces, but its a personal observation I cannot ignore.

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and Unicorn has been similar so far too.
You might or might not be surprised by the eventual ending, then...

Lets just say its not extraordinary.

- Tak

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