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never did notice this thread; but there is quite a lot of things cut out in the anime. and the mobile novel arc is pretty messed up, with many differences (not faithful at all). and I absolutely love the LN version. I really want to translate that, though I don't think I'd have the time, now that I'm pitting myself against the upcoming Itsuten anime haha

@B2-Lancer, I hate to say this, but the sib-pair possibility will never come to pass (except for the games), and I don't know why you think the author is gunning for KxK, because every nuance and behaviour in the novel say otherwise, unless you're referring to a non-romantic kind of KxK end.

to conclude however, I don't dislike the anime. some scenes in animation are pretty nice, like Kyousuke crying in 11 (I'm such an S haha ).
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