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The producer from "Idolm@ster" seems like a logical choice here.

Chiaki from "Nodame Cantabile" with a bit of a stretch could also work. He's a genius for anything related to music so he could easily become a pro coach for singers too if someone forced him to.

I can't think of many male anime singers that have their own songs and that are famous enough, but "Nekki Basara" from Macross 7 definitely comes to mind.

There are then the starlight singers from "Sailor Moon", Or the boy band from "Idolm@ster".

"Mao Natsukawa" from "Hikari no Densetsu" and "Go Kato" from "Ai shite night" also have a prominent role as singers but the anime themselves are a bit obscure.

"Gravitation" is also filled with many male singers, but... I don't even remember if you hear their songs at all.


I forgot "Yukio Tanaka" and "Tsunemi Chiba" from "Beck".

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