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Originally Posted by TeNMaN View Post
At least KT was consistent in always showing Kenpachi using one handed sword techniques. It is true that it is a basic technique but it does essentially double your power - like it or not. KT made him the captain w/o bankai and knowing his swords name. So when giving a character like that a power up, he has to be more creative (or less, depending how you look at it) - some liked it and some didn't. It is what it is. At least it is more believable than Ichigo always magically manifesting ways to beat superior opponents out of nowhere!
I think differently. Zaraki only increased physical strength and not spiritual power. Kendo or no, he shouldn't have made a dent in Noi. That is why that win was not believable. Ichigo on the other hand has monstrous physical strength he just doesn't know how to use it. So his figuring out how to turn the fight around isn't too far fetched.

In my humble opinion...
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