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eeeh..... interesting. Now I wonder if I should just throw my pride away and skip reading the other volumes and go straight to vol 20.....

well it's awesome. So he is finally "AWAKENING". the one who represents horus. well that's for me though he reall DID look like horus.


I throw the trash pride away and start reading.

I'm at the beginning and a question pops in my mind. Concenring the super sonic bomber of gakentoshi.

80 meters in length is long? right? for a jet bomber? or is it short? and it's around 2500 KM per hour though I'm not sure about KM because I think I just read kilos but that doesn't make sense so I think thats kilometer per hour.

Now a question about this bomber plane. Because I'm not to familiar with military aircraft stuffs.

Is a 80 M long (maybe it's the width) and 25-30 meters in length (from front to back?) and with a speed of 2500 km per hour with a maximum of around 7000 Kmph. Is it technically fast and strong?

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