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Anyone got their Xbox live account hacked lately?

So basically I got home some days ago and ding ding I got an email stated that I just bought 6000 ms points. And this is totally bs since since I haven't played my Xbox for quite sometime. Called ms for it and then they said they would
investigate it blah blah. Up until today still got no news from them. I tell my friend about it and they also have similiar cases.

so anyone else?


LOL a little bit update on my story

After few weeks with no news or update from MS ( I even almost forget about it) I got a phone call from this lovely lady that seems really understand about the problem. She put alot emphasis on the word understanding - LOL

She also offer me 3 month live gold and had email it to me (something that's really useless for me since I won't be using it anyway). At that time I just got back so my brain didn't function really well. After some rest and nice little chat with the others I started to found it a little odd. I check some forum and walaa :

XBL accounts hacked to buy FIFA packs

The Consumerist: Xbox account hijacking on the increase

I Watched In Real Time As ID Thieves Spent My Money On Xbox Live

Xbox Live users suffering hacked accounts

LOL oh well

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