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10th War: Rin's Adventure

This episode deserves the highest score from my part, because I do not consider Rins' exploits an alternate standalone to the story but rather stresses what has become a gamble at stake not just for Tokiomi but what's in store for both Rin's Mother and Kariya as the war continues to rage.

Important observations are made on Tokiomi, and as unbelievable as he seems to appear in the frontlines of the war, this episode managed to remind the average viewer that Tokiomi's, indeed, can be a caring and encouraging father, and not just a Mage who takes too much pride on raising his next successor so as to keep the dignity of the Tohsaka lineage for the next generations to come.

Rin proves herself that she doesn't want to give up without trying first, and although most of her actions in this episode can be labeled as dangerously reckless (tailing Ryuunosuke even while the mana compass alerted her to the danger signs ahead), she keeps herself to go on for the sake of a friend whom she feared and presumed got kidnapped.
While Ryuunosuke's reaction towards having his magically-enhanced bracelet was pretty slim uneventful and him not getting a reaction minding at all, little Rin became pretty badass summoning her mana with nothing else on her mind but to shatter the bracelet, unknowingly breaking-up the spell and running away with Kotone and the rest of the kidnapped children.

Moving on, we have Kariya appearing before a frightened Rin after believing the ordeal with the child kidnapper was over but almost getting herself in a "death flag" situation by some leftovers, likely, from Casters' excursions into the night of Fuyuki City. However, Kariya proved himself being a hero of justice albeit a tragic one, because judging by how the Matou household magic atrophies the user's bodily condition, Kariya won't last enough to deliver Sakura back to the Tohsaka's.
He can only will himself to survive long enough to win the Holy Grail and get Sakura out of the Matous' hands.
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