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Originally Posted by Voduar View Post
Anyways, all this just to say that Lelouch's unwillingness to give persistent orders may not be nearly as squeaky clean as it gets attributed. Whatever.
oh, of course he doesn't do it because it's the "right" thing to do. He doesn't do it because it's simply what he wants to do.

C.C. often condescendingly calls it Lelouch's "unnecessary pride", though in the end it basically boils down to personal principles. (vs. something like widely held morals)

Originally Posted by Dann of Thursday View Post
I meant in the long run plan, like after he beats Britannia.
Can worry about that later, "destruction is needed before reconstruction". Though then again, he's got people like Kaguya and Toudou and Diethard and Larkshata with him, they're more than capable of rebuilding Japan. As for Britannia, I guess we'll see who he can get.
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