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I don't know. The things I consider major evidence for Ichihime is that Kairin scene about an Orihime level girl, how the SS people though Orihime was taken by Ichigo, the Matsumoto thing, the 5 lifetimes speech, the Shinji scene where he says Ichigo can never have a girl like Orihime (She'll prove him wrong!), the pilot, the fact that she looks like his mother and she's the only one that has an umbrella, the fact that they're both growing together in the manga, etc. There is so much evidence that people just can't deny!

I don't even want to hear about Rukia cause all I'm going to get is they have larger/more panels together, they are the main characters, she stopped the rain, he looks like Kaien therefore she deserves him, they are more popular so they should end up together to not disappoint fans, they have eye sex alot, Orihime is jealous of them, Kubo said she was his light, blah blah blah.

I hope I don't come off as obnoxious, but this is how I feel...You should know by now! *FLAMESHIELD*
Karin was being crass like she usually is. We don't have any real reason to take Karin's words at heart.

I don't remember anything from the SS arc where anyone thought Inoue was Ichigo's girlfriend.

Shinji was joking around with Ichigo, and it wasn't what made Ichigo upset in the first place. It was because Shinji had attacked Ichigo the previous night and come into school acting all cheerful like nothing had happened. The scene was put in for Shinji to tell Ichigo how his friends were going to abandon him when they found out about his hollow. Lo and behold, Inoue is the first friend to actually see his mask and she is scared of it.

I still don't see the connection between Orihime and Ichigo's mother. We don't know much about her. People make these claims but we don't know much of anything, especially her personality. Why are you also using Inoue having an umbrella as a reason IchiHime might happen? Inoue was out in the rain, and isn't it a normal reaction to bring an umbrella when it's raining?

The pilot was rejected and Kubo has come so far with Bleach. Also, the actual manga differs from the pilot because if you actually look at it, Rukia isn't exactly a main character. It looks more like her playing matchmaker for Ichigo and Orihime. Ichigo is also aware of Inoue's feelings for him in the pilot. This isn't what it's like in the actual manga. Rukia isn't a matchmaker for IchiOri, contrary to popular belief, and Ichigo is still as oblivious as ever to her feelings.

Also, I think the 'growing together' argument is taking on a more nakama-oriented light now that this arc has been shown to be a nakama arc.

As for the IchiRuki side of things, most people argue/like IchiRuki because Kubo has taken the time to develop their bond and relationship. The mutual worry, the trust, and the understanding between the two is something he hasn't done with any of his other characters really.

Kubo put the jealousy scene in to show how someone who loves Ichigo feels about her jealousy of their relationship. If it wasn't important, it wouldn't have been included.

As for the 'light' thing, isn't it strange that Kubo is constantly asked about Rukia and Ichigo's relationship and what they mean to each other, yet nothing is asked about Ichigo and Inoue? I take her being his 'light' in a romantic sense because before Rukia he was depressed and angry at the world. Now, because of her he has the ability to protect and defend those he loves. She is also the only person that can talk sense into him.

In closing, do you want a scene where Kubo hinted at IchiRuki (one of many)? The bedroom scene, where Karin and Yuzu ask permission from Rukia if they can come into his room and eat. They even brought her food as well. That's not something you'd ask a sister or a family member. Obviously Karin and Yuzu believe that Rukia is not just a normal friend or nakama to Ichigo (Strange, just like Inoue said!)

Honestly, who cares? I don't see evidence of IchiOri becoming canon anywhere. The relationship is going to need ALOT of development before it comes close to the bond that IchiRuki and RenRuki share.
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