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Kamijou Forces? LOL What are they thinking Touma is making sort of Justice League?


Index Librorum Prohibitorum - a certain magical index, freeloader

Misaka Mikoto - a certain scientific railgun, Level 5 electromaster, 3rd strongest esper in Academy City, Touma stalker

Aisa Himegami - Vampire killing Deep Blood, former Touma freeloader now adopted by a loli sensei Komoe Tsukuyomi

Misaka Imouto - Misaka clone no. 10,032 , electro soldier linked to hive mind, bad humor, likes cats

Komoe Tsukuyomi - Normal (jury still out on that), smoker and beer drinker, loli teacher go to person, cares for Touma et al.

Kaori Kanzaki - magician name Salvere000, swords woman, saint

Oh wait that's his harem lol!

Other Allies

Styil Magnus, Motoharu Tsuchimikado, Doc Frog, Kuroko Shirai (not included in harem due to fact she likes Mikoto)
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