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There are too many people who like the sharingan. As there are too many peopel who don't read the manga. Probably because Neji "was" an ass and we've only seen a genin hyuga, and the anime kind of made Hiashi seem weak by prolonging his kaiten by say about the whol entire time it was shown, it was only 1 panel in the manga. And the anime people are overreacting towards Itachi simple as that.

Who sasy there ins't more to the byukagan? It hasn't even been shown some of the abilities Kakashi says they have. Like increasing chakra flow. We haven't seen an example of that. We haven't seen a lot of things that has been said, and I'm definitely sure there are more movees. Even as of now with what the byukagan can do according to Kakashi it's better. But there are more moves possible that can do what has been said. How about incrasing your flow? It would be like the curse seal, forcing out chakra. They can do a lot of things that has been said but Neji hasn't learned, unless you're saying Kakashi is lying?
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