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I'm sorry to say that my feelings about this episode aren't much better than most others'.

And new worlds/new earths???? Where the heck did all this come from??? Since when did DtB have anything to do with world changing/making???

They ended up suffering a bit from a rushed ending, as I feared. We never found out what the heck was up with Yin being Izanami; hopefully they tell us what that was all about in the upcoming OVAs.

And JulyxSuou came really came quite a bit out of nowhere. After 24 episodes, DtB fans still can't accept HeixYin, so how does Bones expect people to get behind SuouxJuly? They had the friendship thing going, but then they ended up jumping to a love relation, and Suou's feelings for hei ended up getting a bit of a backburner due to obvious time constraints.

And then we don't even find out what happens to Hei and Yin in the end; they end up getting an even worse backburner.

Hopefully they make an S3, because they certainly have plenty to work with; the Syndicate, the Gates, and Hei and Yin.

But this episode ended up not doing quite so well. DtB ended up dissapointing quite a bit after a good main run. (for me anyway) 4/10
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