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Originally Posted by DragoZERO View Post
I think you need to check out her other roles, such as Kurumizawa Ume (sweet and evil type). She can definitely handle Kiss-shot, well, at least from what I know of the character.
I have not watched Kimi ni Todoke, but she has done:
  • Katya@Qwaser
  • Lumiere@KiddyGrade
  • Nanael@QueensBlade
  • Kaoru@ZettaiKarenChildren
  • Ayumi@Hyakko
  • Konata@CrappyStar
  • Misa@DeathNote
  • and of course Haruhi@SHnY
... on which my opinion based ...

... and none of these performances make me confident that she can pull out the role in Kizumonogatari. The closest she was to what I expect, were her roles at Qwaser and Kiddy Grade, and these performances (especially in the former) were disappointing. Of course this might be because of the image she has built with her other lead roles, but none-the-less, truth is, that it is hard to sake it off, unless she shows real skill .... well, I hope it happens
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