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Mei. Is. Real! Oh god, that revelation alone fills me with joy. Now I just need a happy end for Mei X Kouichi, after everything has been resolved, of course.

Oh god, Mei's room is pretty awesome. Excluding that creepy red-eyed doll, of course. She looks so adorrrable in her casual clothes; and well, more human I guess. The paleness is still a little off putting.

Izumi is pretty stupid to not have let in Sakakibara in on the whole 'the class has to ignore a certain person or else will die' thing. I don't know, it might've helped save a few lives.

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Spoiler for Hmmm:
Ew. I'm really hoping the extra person isn't our protagonist because that would be so damn boring.

I wonder if Mei's doll eye is able to see who the 'other' is.

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