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Now I don't know if I'm just not getting the school system here or what but shouldn't most of the kids know eachother from previous years? How can they not know who the 'extra' is?
You were not listening... ehm reading properly. Misaki told Sakakibara, that when the dead person comes, the memories of all people in school are altered, so they never know who the extra dead student is.

My woe with this explanation is, it is way too far fetched for anybody to figure it out. I mean, so every year they are short on one desk and chair. How does that lead to the conlusion, they have an extra dead student walking among them and their memories are changed? I mean, to me the curse starts with "one missing desk"... you know what I mean? And not with the most unlikely explanation out there, that looks like it came from a B rated horror book for teenage girls. I think they could have done a better job explaining the extra student in the class.

So Misaki is alive.... interesting. Because there was that one scene, where Sakakibara went to talk to her and was standing at the window, the class was watching him how he whispers to Misaki and when they showed the scene from the perspective of the other students, Misakis desk was empty. Now.... this could either be symbolism... or I dont know....
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