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What IS and this LN will teach us is that the saying "If we let women rule the world, there would be no conflict." is a farce. Yet IS and this series seem to make guys with power to be bad guys.

Soviet had a lot of female officers in their Red Army, and there's "Rape of Berlin" where Russians gang raped German women and children (as well as Polish, even though they had nothing to do with Nazi).

Female controlled Mongol Empire politics, there were a few female who became soldiers for Mongols, lead army, to do a massive masacre we ever had until WW2.

I bet the protagonist of this series must lead a very pitiful life because he happens to be like Ichika from IS, in an era that believe a guy with the power exclusive to maidens is the devil king.

BTW, is the devil king who controlled 72 powerful spirits Solomon or Suleiman? Both names are completely different historic figures, you know? Solomon, the ancient king of Israel was the one who said to have 72 demons in control, while Suleiman was the emperor of Ottoman Empire (Turkey now) who was the greatest of all emperors from that empire, who also forbidden slavery for the sake of his former-slave empress. They are both noble figures btw.
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