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Originally Posted by erneiz_hyde View Post
Ah, I'm glad someone else here played it! The particular scenario writer who wrote Kittosumi tends to create a huge hit-or-miss stories.
And yes, the author just LOVES to insert multiple meanings in seemingly everything. No loose ends are left. Every seemingly trifling thing could mean something in the end.
The one thing I particularly like about Kittosumi is about how everything wraps up in the end. I'm looking forward to hear your impression on it.
Well it'll be some time though....seeing as the Spring anime season is starting along with school....>_>

ItsuSora doesn't take any of the characters in Norse myth directly. So, no Odin, Loki, Thor or what have you. If you want to know which part of the Norse myth that is the ultimate theme in ItsuSora, it's

Tenshi no Hane is the most recent, and you could say the "mildest" of the galge stories that scenario writer made. It's geared towards wider public than ItsuSora or Kittosumi (meaning less difficult kanji ).
Oh...ok, ok, I understand now what it's like.
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