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Done with Rio's route in Dracu Riot, and I must admit the whole experience turned out better than I had expected. While I still think she comes off as the most bland of the heroines, her own route actually allowed other aspects of her personality (besides cluelesness about sex) to shine.

As far as romance went, this was certainly a motherload of sugary overdose. Though hardly surprising, Rio in love shot the fluff scale through the roof. Even Yuuto managed to present himself decently on the romance front, which was a welcome change for once. The plot had some interesting things in store as well, and I appreciate the fact that, unlike Miu's and Erina's routes, the drama wasn't nearly as overblown.
Spoiler for Rio's end:

A decent route overall indeed, and I must say, some of the developments almost made it feel like the "true end", if this story actually had one. Unexpected, considering I didn't expect much when starting it. Always nice when a story does something above my expectations, so from that perspective, I rather liked Rio's story.

She still doesn't measure up to Erina or Miu character-wise, though her route has certainly helped her to close the gap somewhat. She was very much in need of some more exposition (she gets the short end of the stick in common / other character routes on that front), and this certainly helped. Story-wise I still consider Erina's the best one (and with the biggest emotional punch), but this one wasn't bad either.

Azusa left now ... here's hoping this one manages to surprise me as well, because character wise, while entertaining, Azusa isn't really my cup of tea.
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