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Originally Posted by Kishin View Post
there are always a few mistakes, occasionally I'd notice a spelling/grammar mistake and laughed to myself that their proofreader must have been skimming it, but it's nothing to take you out of the story. There may have been 1 time through all the arcs that there was a mistake that just did not make sense and made me think about it before moving on, which made sense in the next lines context but alone was gibberish.

And about the Kai episodes, each one is stand-alone, so they won't affect each other. As long as you do everything right the music patch shouldn't have any problems. At least to my knowledge. I think what they meant by that warning is that say, randomsong.ogg in ep7 might be replaced properly by the ep7 patch, but in ep8 it might be called somesong.ogg and the patch for ep7 wont work. If you use the proper patches, ep7 = ep7, ep8 = ep8, there shouldnt be a problem
Oh, well then that's a lot simpler than I'd have imagined.
Thanks for clearing that up.

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