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Originally Posted by fsior View Post
Oh I have my theories on how the series will turn out. But what makes a story really interesting for me is when I am wrong. Unfortunately most animes I've seen have been way too predictable, but this one seems to have given me a good run. =)
If anything, the best anime from the last 3-5 years (Madoka Magica, Mirai Nikki, etc) have all used the "central" mechanic that this series started with. Mind you, it's a very risky storytelling mechanic, so it rarely ever works out, but the inspiration is pretty apparent once you've watched Higurashi.

Other series have tried very hard to duplicate that which makes Higurashi so special (including Ookamikakushi, Shi-Ki, and Another), but they are all tepid imitations. Unless your only interest in Season 1 was the violence and the mind-fucks, then odds are high that you'll enjoy Season 2 (Seasons 3-4 are a toss-up).
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