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Originally Posted by Yirba View Post
That's kinda giving it away, isn't it?
That of course implies that he watched those anime first. If anything, I gave away the twists the other ones. Then again, if you've already watched Higurashi, you can already see the mechanic's flags a mile away.

Originally Posted by Yirba View Post
It's worth noting that the Ookamikakushi visual novel was directed by Ryuukishi07, so it goes without saying that it would have similarities to Higurashi.
Yeah, I was real annoyed when I found that out. Did Ryukishi07 have to make that story so painfully similar?

Originally Posted by Yirba View Post
Also, Higurashi seasons 3 and 4 really aren't part of the main story. A lot of it probably wouldn't even be considered canon.
Dice-Killing Chapter aside, I did say seasons 3 and 4 would be a toss-up in terms of enjoyment. He enjoyed Season 2, so it stands to reason that he wasn't just in it for the violence and "gore" (because let's face it, the Higurashi anime is actually pretty light on that). As such, he enjoyed the series for its characters, and therefore he may enjoy the silliness that 66% of the OVA's provide.
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