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Originally Posted by Soji View Post
sky black swordman @From what we know about Ise from all this vol . I dubt he would act like you say. Also ,i think Rias show more than one time how much she care about ise. Hell from vol 2 she totally fall for him.I think the Rias(and that can be say for the other as well) make pretty clear in this vol what they think about Ise and that they not like/care about him because the Sg but because who he is.
About the marriage thing i agree with NoirX and the other that say like him. Sirzechs don't want that the marriage happen, but he can't do anything at that time and he know that no one in the gremory group can do anything. That's why,when he see how Ise was determined he chose to trust him for Rias sake. I think Graifya word when she give the seal with the griffon inside to Ise where clear enough about this. Also we know pretty well what he think about Ise now ...Sirzechs see Ise a his own little brother.
Maybe you guys are right on Sirzechs I will leave it at that.
And for the other thing in vol 1 taking in to consideration what you said and Issei's character your right he would never say this .
But Q's is what if he did?

I am not saying she did not care about him or anything but it looks like to me she from what I saw in the anime Rias only took an interest in Ise because she saw something in him or gave her some sort of feeling. The SG perhaps?

So after Ise died at Yuma's hand she appeared and tried to revive ise as devil servent and learned she was right about Ise being special because she needed 8 pawn pieces to revive him.
So Rias originally made him her servent and revived him because of his SG.
Of course after this their relationship changes as she gets to know him and what he does for her.
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