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Originally Posted by vansonbee View Post
@noktown: using Hisoka match against Gon was bad. Hisoka has no intention of killing Gon and was holding back remarkably.

Who knows, maybe the majority of PT can make Hisoka run for his money.
I guess you're right about Hisoka,and i probably overestimate Killua since it's true that he was learning the "art of killing" since he was very little,but he didn't have enough experience versus skilled opponents,in addition he didn't know anything about Nen and all this aura stuff until after the Hunter Exam.

I really doubt that the Majority of PT can intimidate Hisoka though,since he was only interested in the leader of the group,he did know that he couldn't take on them all,which is why he's looking for an opening to face Chrollo alone.

Although in the latest episode it makes me wonder why he didn't make a move,since it seems like every member was present in the hideout,so he had a chance to face Chrollo.
Maybe he didn't want to look suspicious or something...
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