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It could be worse. Imagine The match Saki Teru Awai Koromo. The four at full power. You get Earthquake, Storm , Thunder ,Complete lightout. And four player glowing . Poor judge.
Oh god

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To those who dislike Saki holding back and resort to +- 0, if you have to blame someone for that, blame her family. They were the ones holding their daughter back by punishing her both for winning and loosing. Can you imagine that? It would seem as though her family is trying to supress Saki full potential for some reason. Some of you may think her mother must be evil huh?
Saki wasn't punished for losing, but everytime she lost her new years money got taken away, which would mean that if Saki's parents gave her new years money, Mahjong was an excuse to take the money their daughters got on new years day. Jeez no wonder Teru's distant and condescending with parents who use a game to basically steal your money. So Teru really was the only person who would've encouraged Saki to win.
So Teru and Saki's parents: real assholes, they'd probably get on great with Touka's father who can't accept Koromo as his niece.

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At the time when this series just started, I reckon that Saki is too good at mahjong that her family became sick of her winning, but then what does it have anything to do with the mysterious girl in Saki’s dream. Also note that at the time of her dream, Saki should be able to do +- 0 since she start doing it when she was 6 years old.

Another thing I have been thinking, does Teru able to do +- 0? We never saw her did it but that doesn't mean she can't right? Maybe it's Miyanaga family tredition to raise their child that way so Teru should be receiving the same treatment as Saki if that's the case.
I'm pretty sure Teru won a few times as well, meaning that Teru and Saki's parents got sick of losing to their daughters and were probably sore losers about it.
Teru probably can, but doesn't want to.

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I don't know, Kouko might enjoy it. She's too hyper to worry about the crashing stadium, and there is always Sukoyan there to protect her.
Great now I have this image of Kouko commentating excitedly about the match, while rumble falls around her, with Kokaji destroying any piece that comes near them.(In Biyori Kokaji was shown to have some strength)
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