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Originally Posted by cedec0 View Post
Judging by "which team would make the finals more interesting", Senriyama wins hands down with only one potentially uninteresting player. Although their chances of winning might be lower than Shiraitodai, watching them would be fun, and that is why I see them as the team most likely to advance after Achiga.
Hold on for a moment. I know that you like Senriyama, but you shouldn't be so bias.

Besides, if anything, Senriyama is the most unlikely to go to the finals. Like with Himematsu, we already know much more about Senriyama. Shindouji and Shiraitodai are schools that doesn't have any sufficient flashbacks, so going by the more "interesting" teams, both of them are better since they hadn't had a proper flashback yet. (sans Kirame)

If you're talking about mahjong abilities, then both Shindouji and Senriyama is equals in terms of strengths. You're quick to dismiss Yoshiko and Hitomi as fodders but both of them are quite good. Yoshiko aside, coming up with a new strategy to disable Sumire, Hitomi is actually good. I think I posted before on how she came up with a 6 sided wait to stop Takami's yakuman hand. It's just that Sera and Ako dominated that round that it really couldn't be helped.
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