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Originally Posted by porchoky
well by serious romance i meant serious for a 9 year old. like crushes/infatuations, excatly. sorry, bad wording i guess. but hey.... CCS, they were what, 6th graders or something, by the end?
I believe so, yes. (Going by fuzzy memory... they started at age 10 and ended at age 11 or so.) I'm not going into 20 Menso ni Onegai and such. I mean, it's CLAMP.

I'm personally not seeing any "serious romance" in this show either (despite my fervent fantasies). I'm not entirely certain of the exact definition for "serious romance", mind. Basically I don't think any of the characters have any romantic feelings that cannot be considered "puppy love" or some sort. Of course, there's really no evidence that it won't be (or grow into) a serious romance later, of course.

I'm quite puzzled by the fuss of "they're serious!" "no they're not!" "yes they are!" about the pairings, myself.
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