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Millennium Actress - one of the most beautifully directed/scripted animated films I have ever seen.
Porco Rosso - (TinyRedLeaf already summarised why this movie is great)
Wings of Honneamise - the birth of Gainax, and the creation of one of the most "real" animated worlds ever.
Night on the Galactic Railroad - beautiful story of friendship and death.
The Legend of Sirius - wonderful (loose) adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.
Patlabor 2 - political intrigue and excitement abound in this non-action action film/non-mecha giant mecha film.
Whisper of the Heart - a heart warming romance set admidst some extraordinary cityscapes (honestly, it is the realistic portrayal of a modern Japanese city that really gets me; the exquisitely simplistic average-ness of the modern city is simply beautiful to behold.)

edit: Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer - a wonderful dreamlike quality is seeped into this fun and exciting film.

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