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Originally Posted by MartAnimE
Altough this is Bee-Train, I figure this anime will be more like "Utena" (swords) rather than "Noir"/"Madlax" (guns) but, inversely to those shows it will have shounen-ai overtones instead of shoujo-ai (and make it subtle overtones as in Bee-Train subtle overtones, otherwise I think it'll suck as most shounen-ai unfortunately tend to... )
When is this beggining, btw? I'm really looking forward to it!
Nov. 4, I think.

Your earlier comments about shounen-ai anime, while justified, are also fully applicable to shoujo-ai anime. YamiBou and Kannaduki no Miko (especially Kannaduki no Miko!) are certainly no less ridiculous or contrived than Gravitation. Actually, Gravi is kind of in a class of its own--all of the other popular shounen-ai anime (i.e. Yami no Matsuei and Kyou Kara Maou) come across as being much more restrained and ambiguous in their portrayal of of m/m relationships. Personally I'll take Maria-sama ga Miteru or Oniisama E over any other shounen-ai/shoujo-ai anime on the market.

It's interesting that you mentioned Utena--the outfits, swords and plethora of pretty boys in Meine Liebe immediately made me think of that series. btw, I'd argue that while shoujo-ai is obviously the focus of Utena (as it should be), the anime isn't totally bereft of shounen-ai undertones either. ^_~
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