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BTW, kinda unrelated, but the cover for volume 67 has been revealed:


Nice! So we've got Kinemon, Monet, AND CC in color (at least in his gas form as far as the last one is concerned). But there's a couple things I find odd here: First, Law isn't on the cover for some reason (unless Oda's saving an epic pic of him for the NEXT volume's cover), and.... do I see human legs on Monet's harpy form?! I find that odd since the past chapters showed her legs were talons. Either this is a mistake on Oda's part, or we just got another hint that the harpy body is indeed her zoan form (meaning I'd have to disregard my above joke about her being an amoeba woman)......
My complaint is smoker, namely tashigi inside of smoker... she's making herself look too cool in his body when she never acts cool in smoker's body. She should be more in character like everyone else who swicthed

Also about Monet if you look at a manga pic of her
Spoiler for image:

You can see that her talons actually start below the midpoint of her shin, to close to where her human ankles might be; so the volume pic is actually cutting her off right before the talons... granted looking at that manga pic in this context i can't help but think that her human thighs are actually a little long; before i did not mind since i assumed her legs were ALL bird and not just the bottom portion
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