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anime -only viewer here.

been meaning to ask, just tell me please if the answer is a spoiler or will be explained later on. ( I might have possibly missed it in the anime explanation too). Anyway why is Santana alone and separate from Cars, AC/DC & Wham. is there a reason for this? or is Santana just there as a pre-story, introduction to pillar-men ( also he's quite different, power wise, and education? seems the three can talk immediately while santana's like learning everything from scratch, not to mention clothes)

side note : naming really is fun in jojo,now we have Loggins & Messina as the sub teachers
Actually, there was an explanation that was missed out, from the anime. It was just a short line, but it actually hints a bit.

Santana, for all accounts, was literally a baby in Pillar Men age compared to Cars,AC/DC and Wham.

It can be reasonably assumed that the 3 of them excluded Santana from a large majority of their adventures... probably because none of them wanted to be a babysitter.

As for the languages, the manga mentioned that the language spoken by Wham, Cars & AC/DC immediately upon revival was actually Latin, which reflected upon their most recent human history of the Roman Empires.
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