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Let me get this clear. Joseph himself is the protag of Part 2, while his grandfather, Jonathan, is the hero of Part 1. Each "Part' is about a different JoJo of a different generation in a different timeframe and place (which is part of the reason I fell in love with the universe, I am a sucker for generational sagas). Part 1: the 1880s, England, Part 2: the 1930s before WWII in USA then various part of europe, Part 3: the 1980s, a journey from Japan to Egypt, Part 4: Late 1990s in a japanese town, Part 5: 2001, in Italy, Part 6: 2011, in Florida.
yes I know that each 'part' a hero for a 'jojo a generation, but there are only 2 arc I hope they adapt the arc 3-6 ...
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