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Originally Posted by TheShinySword View Post
Previously On Secret Ambition

Secret Ambition
Scene 7
Spoiler for Scene 7:

Spoiler for Relationships:

In case you're wondering all the girls got a point that round ^^;; And by the way there were two other scenes that could have come at the end of this scene had other choices been made along the way (though that doesn't mean they won't happen... and I'm saying no more then that)
Durr... If Yuuno humors Alicia, Fate might get like really really mad at him and might turn to Nanoha...hmmm... not bad... If yunno tells Alicia to stop and Fate comes from around the corner apologizing for her sister and yuuno is all gentlemanly, Fate might like him more... hmmmm... And if yunno screams like a little girl again and scares off Alicia /and/ Fate... that paves the way for Hayate possibly...

Oh dilemnas dilemnas...

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