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But she isn't the only point of excellence. Kamiya Hiroshi is his usual outstanding self. And Katou Emiri just gets better and better. Sawashiro Miyuki didn't have that many lines as Kanbaru in ep6, but she was excellent, too. To say nothing of how well Horie Yui's sweet tones are working as Hanekawa.
Kamiya and Saitou have been great and Atogatari ep1 gave some nice insight into the voicing process of this series.

In all honesty, while you're right about Sawashiro not having many lines, I have to admit I wasn't too terribly impressed which was a bit of a disappointment for me. Her roles as Shinku in Rozen Maiden and Tsugumi in Kannagi snagged me in the first few lines of dialogue. I tried to like her in ep6, but I just couldn't. Knowing how talented she is, though, I'm hoping they're able to make good use of her talent.

In terms of sheer talent, though, I think for the female side of things, Saitou and Sawashiro are easily in the top 5 in Japan.
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