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Originally Posted by Da~Mike View Post
Or in the case of voice actors, Rie Kugimiya and Takehito Koyasu also tend to play very specific roles.

But yes, so far, I'm rather impressed with the vocals for this series. Though maybe they could have cast someone with a deeper voice to play Araragi, perhaps like Tomokazu Sugita. I love the cynicism in his tone. It would probably suit the Araragi character better.

And maybe I'm an exception but I still find "cute" voices somewhat grating...
1. Koyasu may be my favorite male voice, based almost entirely on his role in Saiunkoku, where he is incredibly hot, as well as incredibly smart and sneaky. I think he has enough different type-cast types that he can have so many roles. But he almost always seems to be at least a bit of a villain.

2. I guess the main reason why we have Kamiya here is that he is Shinbou's guy: Zetsubou-sensei, a role in PaniPoni, Kouhei in MoonPhase.

3. I don't even think you are in the minority. At least, I have often read people complaining about excessively cutesy Japanese women's voices. I remember feeling the odd one out when I liked voices such as Shimizu Ai's as Karen in Please Twins.
Originally Posted by Kaiso Erranon
Exactly like Konata Izumi, if the Drama CD is anything to go by.
I've listened to part of the drama CD, and I wouldn't say "exactly." Same general direction, with the burbly slurring, but with significant differences, it seemed to me. And yes, I'm trying to forget Dragonaut (easy for me, since I only watched a few episodes). I'm hoping Aya forgets it, too, since I didn't think Garnet was that great a voice (I even prefer her Jewelpet Garnet, lol).

I think Aya has so far given us several different kinds of voice: the sharp energy of Haruhi; the soft emotional intensity of Layla and Mei (my favorite); the fairly straight voice of Sanae in Sumomomo; Konata's amazing burble; and its gentler version (crossed with Haruhi a bit) in Zettai Karen Children; the airy kind of voice she uses in Akasaka, White Album, and Hyakko. As well as the artificial hardness of Dragonaut's Garnet. I would hate to see her use that one for the adult version of her character here. I'd like to see it connected with the character's younger Konata-esque voice.
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