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The funny thing about Saber and Lancer have something in common is that both of them have Masters that like to stab somebody from the back (that goes double to Kuritsugu). Haven't both of the Servants realized that this is war? Anything goes right? Well, unfortunately, there's something call playing fair which most of the Masters doesn't seem to share in common. Anyway, Kuritsugu is badass with just guns and a couple of magic tricks. To be able to beat somebody who blabbers about blood and magus and status quo, he did really good. Both Kirie and Kuritsugu like to think tactical and not just go all out front that's why they're good at what they do. What else to mention? Iris gets stabbed, Maiya got beaten to pulp, Caster ended being even more insanely crazy, and Kayneth lost a lot of blood and still alive. Yeah, that's about it.

On a random note, is Kuritsugu using a customize weapon? Because that machine gun seems to have more bullets than it should have. Hm, extra magazine or fast reloading skills?
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