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Dear Mr. Director,

Of all the shows I'm watching this season, Sengoku Collection is once again the only one airing on Thursday afternoon, so I was counting on it to make an impact. A good director understands a lot about setting the mood and tone of a story, and since every week is self-contained, SenColle's decision to change the style of its background art completely, into something like a Van Gogh painting, was absoloutely the right decision. Yoshitsugu Ootani, in real life, was a leper and a valued friend, who met with a tragic ending. Even when turned into a girl and sent to the modern day, that holds.

This episode rested heavily on my shoulders. It was a story about good luck and long distance friendship, but the tone was depressing and the end was bittersweet at best. I actually felt like crying when the episode was over. There are many high profile shows that claim to bring the drama - Kokoro Connect and Tari Tari stand out - but SenColle works on an anthology format, so it has 21 minutes at best to tell a story. And wow, did it use every one of those 21 allotted minutes perfectly. And it reveals more about the world, too. Up until now, I assumed that all the stories were taking place in a modern Japanese city. If Yoshitsugu's ticket was paid in Euros (and she needed a plane ticket), she must have landed in Europe, with an Angel in America. Not that that will stop Nobunaga from finding her, but I think, just like Ryuubi the week before, she'll want to stay here. For sentimental reasons.

Next week is a major event, with the debut of Mitsuhide, but I want to dwell on this episode a little longer. I'm the kind of person who doesn't comment much on drama, and says that there isn't much to say about it. But look at the paragraphs I wrote about this week. I'm not sure if it was drama, or I appreciate it because it was art, but I have a feeling this gem of an episode will be overlooked by the general anime-watching populace. This is the power of short-form storytelling.


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