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This is unnecessarily convoluted character development for the show like AGE, given that his effect on overall plot turns out to be almost non-existent. Show wasted too much time to bulid up the character who in the end turns to be just a punchbag for the minor protagonist. Writers should have stuck with one of the character archetypes and either made him Zeheart the Honorable Guy or Zeheart the Crazy Zealot. If he is good guy, he doesn't lead attacks on civilians. If he is not, he doesn't sacrifice himself to shield friend from asteroid. Not saying that he should be one-dimensional, just act accordingly his established personality. They decided to mix thing up, and result is illogical, inconsistent and on the whole ruined character.
I have to completely disagree here - there is no inconsistency in an Honorable Guy (to his in group) who supports a crazy ideal - look at Gato for instances and nobody would say Gato is an "inconsistent character" even though his honourable way inevitably led to millions of people starving (Operation Stardust) and he essentially supports the UC universe's version of Hilter. They are people in real life who do terrible things with good intentions, Zeheart is merely such a character. I fully believe that even amongst the ranks of Nazis there probably exists a very caring captain who looks after his subordinates but still goes around rounding up Jews to the concentration camps - humans ARE like that because people are not perfectly rational and sometimes cannot see that they do things which are actually in conflict. You can even turn on the TV and look at the US political situation right now - pick a few of those Tea Party supports and see the same thing - they think they are doing good for the country with methods that are misguided and end up appearing racists/misogynist etc but they themselves don't actually know it. It is VERY common amongst humans. Pure Gihren/Hilter-type evil or pure pacifist/honourable is actually rare - that's why those types of people stands out in history. Zeheart is merely a soldier, again he has no ideals of his own but just carrying out Ezelcant's ideals - he was NOT a person with his own ideal nor the bigger vision to come up with his own path - it is actually consistent that he does things just in the name of Ezelcant. Comparing Zeheart to actual lead evil characters like Durendal/Patrick Zala/Gihren is already missing the point - Zeheart ISN'T like them because he NEVER came up with the ideal in the first place, it was ALL Ezelcant's doings. Zeheart was just an extension of Ezelcant, so you cannot say Zeheart had a convoluted change of character because 90% of the time he was just doing Ezelcant's biddings without thinking critically of the situation himself.

I think people thinking that because Zeheart is honourable in some areas means he can't make mistakes in supporting a crazy like Ezelcant is actually the ones disconnected with how people REALLY works and trying to blame it as inconsistent characterisation is being naive.
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