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I watched the incendiary Movie trailer in question. It's incredibly hilariously badly made. However, ultimately it's very crude hate speech. While people should have the right to film whatever they like, I think the film makers deserve their death threats. The film is obscene. I mean it shows Mohammed having (and endorsing) sex with children...

AND everyone is in Brown face, and is filled with hateful ethnic stereotypes that would not be out of place in an anti-Semitic rag (ironic considering the purported director is an Israeli Jew). In fact it's repeating anti-Arab screed that dates back to the Middle Ages.

As for the attack on the US embassies, those were completely unwarranted. Vexx is right in calling it "Idiots vs. Idiots". The Ambassador and his staff had nothing to do with this Movie. The Egyptian and Libyan governments need to bring these murderers to justice.

Personally I agree with the president's response. This kind of hate speech (and poorly made hate speech at that) is not the sort of the thing that should be defended as freedom of speech. It is absolutely vile. If its content wasn't so vile, I could laugh at it with abandon (it really is terribly made). That this film was financed and made by Jews only proves that there's a very sick hateful part of the community.
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