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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
I think that movie goes beyond "ridicule and disrespect". That's implying it's like the sacrilegious episode of South Park, or those Danish political cartoons. This movie is not that, it is a vile hateful film that seeks to depict Muslims as stupid murderous sex-crazed savages. While attacking the US embassy because of it is completely wrong, this is a piece of propaganda that should still be completely condemned by anyone. It's hate speech of the most bigoted and close minded kind. This is not some nice bunch of lulzey guys poking fun at Islamic religion. This is "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" type stuff.

It's atrocious production values might make it seem comic, but it wouldn't be the first screed that was produced poorly. I don't think there's anything wrong with Arabs (and Muslims) objecting to this film, it contains many slurs. There's stuff there that would fit right in to a black face routine (except here it's brown face).

On the flip side, this film is so obscure, that I can only think that the people who publicized it's existence had ulterior motives in mind. While I think the attitudes the film reflects are unfortunately widespread, it had basically been unseen by anyone. This film is basically a volleyball being tossed between two hate filled groups who are more alike then they'd like to think.

Of course, the film is so bad, it's easy to mistake it for Satire, but I think that's giving the film waaay too much credit. Any humour contained in it is of a very crude kind.
Wasn't even considering it humor/satire... its an ugly piece of work and I condemn it as well (which I thought I made clear in "idiots vs idiots"). It still does not justify physical violence. Maybe counter-ridicule.
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