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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
I kind of wish there was a little more development between Saki and Shun. After the single boat scene, they suddenly met the minoshiro library and then it's all Satoru during the queerrat war. Then Saki gets jealous at his and Satoru's relationship and the next minute he's gone.

Perhaps it's because of the medium and the loss of Saki's first person narrative, but I feel that there wasn't enough time to show that these two have had a long history together before the tragic end.
That's probably why I didn't realyl care too much that shun died, sure I liked him as a character and stuff but definately not on the same level as gureen lagaan. (forgot that guys' name again). I felt like they were trying too hard and basically saying "OK BE SAD NOW!"

and yeah, the animation was ...distracting, and I am usually the LAST person to grip eabout animation, but this ep it was actually bothering me.

On another note. . .
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