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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
I kind of wish there was a little more development between Saki and Shun. After the single boat scene, they suddenly met the minoshiro library and then it's all Satoru during the queerrat war. Then Saki gets jealous at his and Satoru's relationship and the next minute he's gone.

Perhaps it's because of the medium and the loss of Saki's first person narrative, but I feel that there wasn't enough time to show that these two have had a long history together before the tragic end.
They didn't though. Not as lovers. They were part of the same group growing up and obviously felt for each other but they never professed their love for one another openly and there wasn't much of a "history" between the two of them, not any more than between them and the other folks in their group.

Ugh... I am not sure how I feel about the art in this episode. It started out great. I totally loved it for the majority of the episode. But it just felt weird and misplaced at the very end. I think they overdid it in the final few minutes with the warping camera movement.

Not much really happened either. Perhaps because I was spoiled as to what would happen but the intensity was somehow lacking compared to what I expected. I think this particular moment is one I would feel for a lot more if I were to read the novel instead. I can't say I agree with the choice of those facial expressions on Saki. They reveal nothing while she must have been in great turmoil. Oh well.

Looking forward to the rest of the series now. I want to see how Saki moves on from this. She wishes to live, she says at the end of this episode, but does she really know what for and how? How will the rest of the group react to Shun's death and more importantly, how is this group that now knows too much going to survive in such a society? It's not like they can just change the whole order because it seems to me that the order has arisen out of necessity and not choice. Are they going to get assimilated into the adult world where you know what's up and ignore it or are they going to succumb to their own subconscious like Shun did? If the foreshadowing was any hint, Maria for one is going to cause lots of issues.

I don't think Shun's death is meant to be the emotional climax of the show btw. For one, it happens way too early and for another, it happens when we still don't know much as to what's actually going on. That said, it's a pivotal moment for sure.

I liked Shun too. Wish there had been some content from his perspective or at least with him in the focal point. As it stands, his turmoil is kind of far too distant for me to feel it intensely.

This episode was still excellent but it didn't make feel as strongly as I wanted it to make me. Meh.
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