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The reason people drive over biking and frequently public transportation is about time, and frequently that's what working class Americans lack because they are saddled down with all kinds of responsibilities from work to children to buying food, etc. I know people that have very limited free time, and basically spend all day working. If you want them to spend even more time traveling, then well, it's possible, but it's not good for their mental health.

Until there is a comprehensive 24 hour, 7 days a week, transit system for people that live around the country, you're not going to get people off their cars. I live in a city that has a very comprehensive public transportation of which I don't need to drive to go where I need. But I'm just fortunate enough to live here. However, it doesn't work after midnight and is subject to hiccups. Go a bit south and it's pretty much inaccessible by public transit.

IMO this is one of the things that just happens on its own, as Dr. Casey mentioned earlier in this thread. This is why most people aren't stuck using VHS tapes... people will naturally buy the shiny new things when it's affordable, just like ipads, Windows 7 and such. Windows Vista sucked so people were hesitant, but once people saw how much better 7 is, transitions happened like crazy, much to Microsoft's pleasure. Electric cars are no different. When has it ever been hard to get people to buy new cars anyways-- if they can afford it?

I have not seen any indication that anyone is particularly in love with that smelly fuel so...
At that moment, I felt like I wouldn't mind losing my life.
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