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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
That's a bigger issue with income distribution, with the super-wealthy taking all the cash, and forcing people to spend more time working. It used to be that a man could work his 40 hour a week job and easily support his wife and two children. Now, both parents must work.

But beside that, while it does vary as to where you live, it is very possible and doesn't add that much time. Of the several jobs I had in Arizona and Washington, I didn't spend more than 45 minutes commuting (and in most cases, 30 mins or less), with combination bicycle/bus route. Sometimes I just did bus, and sometimes just bicycle, too. And this is commuting into Seattle, a heavy metropolitan area, from a suburb 20 miles away.

It is, but this is the situation we have. Problem about telling "people" to change their lifestyles is that this always hurts the people that are struggling more. The rich don't give a damn; sure their wallets are a bit thinner, but that's about it. It's just like saying that people could get off welfare if they could work harder and find a better paying job. But you can't assume they wouldn't if they could.

It's nice that you were fortunate to be in a situation that you could get there in a decent time. People who already take 2 hours to go to work even by car don't have that luxury. Furthermore, there are people that need to move heavy objects around-- they're going to need those vehicles. And also, the weather... sure, you may be willing to tolerate cold weather and heavy rainfall where it's already difficult to see in a car with headlights, but not everyone wants to do such a thing when work itself is hard enough.
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