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1. Nadesico- Hilarious, plain and simple. I have not seen a funnier anime, and yet, it still manages to have a really good story. The end left a bit to be desired, and I've heard the movie isn't too great, but still, it's just awesome. A must-watch, for anyone.

2. Gundam Seed/Mobile Suit Gundam- I put these two together because, well, the first half of Seed is exactly like the first half of MSG, but with new mechs and characters. Besides my love of giant robots, these two had amazing stories, not to mention really great characters.(Well, in Seed at least, I wasn't a a huge fan of MSG's) This isn't really as important, but as a side note, MSG had good music, and Seed holds my vote for best music in any anime.

3. RahXephon/Stellvia of the Universe- I can't decide which I like better. RahXephon's story is just awesome, and it's characters as well. While it's true it does borrow a lot of stuff from Eva, I find it much better. Even though you have to do some thinking in RX, it doesn't hurt your brain like Eva did.
Stellvia, what can I say about Stellvia? Well, the story is alright, nothing amazing. The mech designs were pure shit. Yet, I love it. The characters in Stellvia seem so real, and their interactions really made this show great. Not to mention that awesome opening theme.

That was already 5, but I'll just add a few more. ^^"

4. Scrapped Princess- Just really, really good. Great story and characters.

5. The 08th MS Team- The thing I loved about this series was that it was normal soldiers, not super-ace-pilot kids. The characters were so interesting, it made it great. And then there's the Gouf Custom, which rules over all MS. ^^

And that's my top 5... no, 7 list. Some other favorites:

Witch Hunter Robin
Last Exile
Full Metal Panic!

And I'm sure there's a few more I'm forgetting.
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