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Aside from the regular current season stuff, lately I've been watching:

Hikaru no Go: Seen this before, a few times, but felt like rewatching it recently. Weird how good a show about a board game can be. I ended up powering through 75 episodes in one day. Of course, I was skipping the parts that bored me since I already seen it before lol

Gleipnir: Weird show. I like, but haven't finished it yet. That suit is creepy looking, heh

Zipang: Another rewatch. I like time travel shows, and seeing a modern cruiser handling business in WW2 is pretty amusing.

Yomigaeru Sora: Show about a helicopter rescue wing. Pretty interesting.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar: An isekai where you aren't OP with a harem. Not bad. Working my way through it. Kinda heavy/depressing so I haven't just binged it to the end yet.

Sakura Trick: I watched an ep or two a long time ago. My anime randomizer recommended it, which made me say maybe it's about time to actually watch more. I'm feeling like some cute yuri vibe, hehe. Just wonder if they ever take it further than just kissing. Then again, it's not a hentai so I assume not lol.
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