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Originally Posted by Darthtabby View Post
Unfortunately I'm not sure the creators of Strike Witches are quite that progressive, though I wouldn't mind being proven wrong on that account.

The main artist for the Strike Witches 1940 and Strike Witches 1991 projects might like the idea though (assuming that movie is even available in Japanese). He's done character concepts for Strike Witches versions of several World War II films (such as Pearl Harbor and The Battle of the Bulge), and he seemed quite happy to take my suggestion for a Gallian Navy witch with African ancestory for his Strike Witches 1991 project. You can find her picture on safebooru. (If you're willing to put up with a NSFW site, you can find the picture with accompanying commentary on danbooru. Unfortunately her written profile isn't very detailed since I sent a very basic outline of the character with the intention of sending more details if the artist liked it, but so far I've had trouble getting help with translating those follow up details.*)

*Yes, I am hoping one of you might be able to help me with this. :P If you're willing then please send me a PM.
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