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Originally Posted by anime fan99 View Post
dam it You and sergel02 are not helping at all you killed some of my enthusiasm for this anime
Originally Posted by sergel02 View Post
lol it's not a huge thing in the anime. Erza is the only one really who's romance and love interests is talked about seriously.

Levy and Gajeel's is more for comic relief, especially in regards to Jet and Droy.

Personally i loved their fight together. tho i do wish Mashima wrote more about the relationships in the past. Gajeel and Juvia were former guildmates but they hardly interact. Cana and Loki were old teammates yet they never really talked together. Lisanna and Natsu has this whole thing going on in the past, and now we hardly see her. Gajeel beat up Lucy, yet we don't see them talk too much together either.
ya really , later on they become more comic around each other

and i would also like to know what's going on between Lisanna and Natsu , i mean now that she is back doesn't wants become Natsu's wife again
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