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Originally Posted by Kyuu
'cause from what I gathered -- Koromo acted as if no one was able to beat her.
Guys, Koromo can't have faced Teru in the tournament. Touka said in the previous season that they got knocked out before Koromo got to play in the semi-finals. The team that did this was Rinkai( the foreigner team). Ryuumonbuchi just watched the finals and concluded that Miyanaga Teru is a monster beyond monsters.

And no one knows what will happen if Koromo faced Teru but, Koromo needs it to be night with a full moon to use most of her abilities like her "no tenpai field" and "haitei". She can still use haitei a bit without the full moon power but its not that effective which is why when Koromo curb stomped Shizuno, Touka said that it wasn't even half of Koromo's true power considering it was noon at that time.

Before the prefecture no one knows Koromo's true power since Koromo has not yet played during a full moon on official tournament. Its mentioned that this did not happen in the previous nationals or prefecturals which is why Kana who played Koromo previously and Yumi who researches everything got blindsided by Koromo's strength.

Originally Posted by Sumeragi
Teru was captain in the previous year's Group tournament.
Ummm.... no, Teru wasn't the captain in the previous group tournament. She more likely is the vanguard as always which is why Toki commented to Ryuuka that the match was decided before Ryuuka got to play.

The thing is I have a feeling that there is two tournaments a year. One of it would be the Spring prefecture tournament and Summer national tournament and the other would be perhaps the Winter cup or whatever tournament wherein there will be changes in the rosters since the seniors can't participate due to graduation. I have a feeling this still unnamed tournament is where Senriyama got bumped into number two position...

Originally Posted by Triple_R
What do you guys think would be the hardest possible match-up for Teru given all the (non-pro) characters we've seen so far in the anime itself?
This is a bit hard... but I liked the Saki-Yumi-Hisa alliance vs Teru.
Koromo might be able to do something but Teru is vanguard so Koromo can't play Teru at her full power so no Iishanten Hell.

To be honest the only person that was implied to have managed to hang in there with Teru was Saki herself, considering whenever they played Saki got consistent +/- zero against her family.

Its technically not winning but considering that most of Teru's opponents seems to be racking negatives against her leaving the table with the points you started with is a plus point.
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